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Raw Bar


(Happy Hour Monday-Friday 4-7pm)

Olde Salts – Chincoteague Bay, VA – $3.50 ea/$38.50 dozen
Oysters that are grown at the mouth of a river are always a special thing. Travis and Ryan Croxton grow these briney east coasters at that other famous US oyster haven, Chesapeake Bay. Definitely higher in brine, with a lighter body, they pair perfectly with some bubbly.

Yennicott Oysters- North Fork, Southold, NY – $3 ea/$33 dozen
Meg Dowe is a 10th generation oyster farmer and keeps the family business strong with these briny little beauties from Little Peconic Bar. They finish with just a slightly sweet note as fresh as an ocean breeze.

Deer Creek – Hammersly Inlet, Hood Canal, WA – $3.50 ea/$38.50 dozen
These tiny little beach grown oysters are from the famous Hood Canal on the ‘other’ coast. Being beach grown, they are exposed to the air each day which strengthens the oyster and results in a nice plump little morsel. These are the smallest oysters we have right now and quite representative of the lower salinity West Coast vegetal flavour profile.

Eel Lake – Eel Lake, NS, Canada – $4 ea/$44 dozen
The D’Eon family have been oyster farming in the area since the ’90s using floating cages on the surface of the brackish waters of Eel Lake. These oysters are then sunk down about 10 feet lower to give them a bit more brine, but still quite moderate compared to typical open water East Coast oysters. They also switched over to solar power for their entire operations in an effort to be as sustainable as possible.

Moondancers – Damariscotta River – Phippsburg, ME – $4 ea/$44 dozen
From the famous Mook Sea Farms, Bill started aquaculture way back in 1986, and has been instrumental in the oyster growing industry all along the Mid Maine coast and beyond. He says they “start with a briny kiss and a sweet glow” but you be the judge after you devour them.

Royal Miyagi – Baynes Sound, BC, Canada – $4 ea/$44 dozen
These small oysters lead a double life, starting out in cushy suspended cages at the surface and then moved to the beach to rock around and get a thicker shell. There is a creaminess to these oysters, a mild brine, and a melon note on the finish

Additions to Your Oysters

Shrimp Cocktail – $21
Delicious wild caught jumbo shrimp with our house made fresh horseradish aioli and cocktail sauce

Small Plates

Bar Snacks – $12
House made pickled veggies, lavender roasted mixed nuts, and a mix of Kalamata and Castelvetrano olives

Bread and Butter – $8
Fresh warm focaccia from Librae Bakery, served with Ronnybrook butter, seasoned with fresh herbs and sprinkled with Maldon salt and fig balsamic

Whitefish Salad – $18
House made smoked whitefish salad with crackers, sweet peppers and cornichons

Deviled Eggs- $16
These tasty morsels are given new life with the addition of Dijon, Aleppo pepper, and a touch of horseradish. We finish them with some fresh chives and Old Bay. Since these are quail eggs, you can pop the little devils in your mouth in one delicious bite. Each serving comes with 8 little devils and a side salad.

Oyster Pan Roast – $12
Fresh cream, white wine and shallots pan roasted with fresh oysters poached in the hearty broth, and served with a warm slice of focaccia. This recipe is based on Downing’s original recipe, as homage to one of the original icons of NYC oyster houses

Large Plates

Salad Niçoise – $22
Quails eggs, olives, haricot vert, new potatoes, anchovies and trout on a bed of mixed greens

Blue Crab Cake Sandwich – $24
Served on a potato bun with pickled cabbage, a side salad and cornichons

Shrimp Linguine – $26
This Italian dish is a classic for a good reason. Creamy linguine with a white wine and shallot sauce, served with wild caught North American shrimp, topped with Parmesan cheese and parsley. There is a bit of a kick with the addition of Aleppo pepper, but if you would prefer it without, please just let your server know.

New England Style Crab Roll – $28
The star of this show is definitely the Maryland jumbo lump blue crab, and we try to just let the flavor dominate and sing. With a bit of lemon, celery, Old Bay seasoning and just a touch of mayo to hold it all together, this is always a crowd pleaser. Served on a fresh brioche bun from Librae bakery, with a side salad and a handful of kettle potato chips

Specialty Tinned Selections

Each tin comes with Librae Bakery focaccia, table crackers, sweet peppers, cornichons and sliced lemon
(We also carry gluten free crackers from Dr Shär if you prefer)

La Narval Mussels w/Garlic and Chili – $15

Ferrigno La Bonne Mer Roasted Garlic Anchovies – $15

Minerva Mackerel Fillets in Olive Oil with Pickles – $21

Güeyu Mar Large Chargrilled Razor Clams in Olive Oil – $42

Cole’s Smoked Rainbow Trout in Lemon Rind and Pepper – $16

Patagonia Provisions – Sofrito Mussels – $15

Les Mouettes d’Arvor Mackerel in Creamy Mustard Sauce – $18

Ramón Peña Mussels in Pickled Sauce – $22

Güeyu Mar Sardines in Apple Cider Vinaigrette Sauce – $34

Güeya Mar Spicy Sardine Tails in Marinade – $34

Ar De Arte Small Scallops in Sauce – $31